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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Students Can Beat Test-Taking Stress by Developing Better Time Management Skills with eXaminator®

The de Brito Corporation launches eXaminator. A tool with focus on:
1. Master test anxiety with a foolproof time management tool
2. Pacing is key to achieving higher test scores

Standardized multiple choice and essay exams have become the method of choice for determining student performance levels under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. Colleges and universities evaluate applicants’ performance on entrance exams from the SAT, ACT and GRE, to the GMAT, MCAT and LSAT, in order to determine who is admitted into their programs. With so much riding on how well a student tests, it’s no wonder many fail to perform effectively, no matter how well they’ve prepared academically.

Test stress is indiscriminate, impacting students regardless of gender, ethnic background or grade level. Test taking anxiety can undermine confidence, impede cognitive ability and impair memory. The anxiety ridden test taker is less likely to perform up to his or her academic ability, which can limit future educational and vocational opportunities.

Learn more about eXaminator.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

New enhanced GMAT Website launch!!

Gmatxperts team is pleased to announce the arrival of the New and Improved Gmatxperts Website. A fresh looking website designed specifically to help you reach all the relevant information on GMAT with greater ease than any other site. Our list of enhanced features guarantee more comfortable browsing with greater efficiency and performance. The all new Gmatxperts web site lets you browse all about GMAT starting from the history of GMAT to the latest GMAT standing. User friendly browsing ensures that the time you spend at Gmatxperts is pleasant, comfortable and full of information.

The new enhanced website has separate areas demarcated for each features.

1. General information on GMAT
2. GMAT Exam pattern and preparation
3. GMAT Exam centers
4. GMAT score- university wise average score
5. GMAT exam fee
6. GMAT Articles
7. GMAT latest News
8. GMAT recommended Books

Along with above features
Gmatxperts introduce a new GMAT Forum , a platform to discuss everything on GMAT. Join the network to enrich your knowledge.

Get going with
Gmatxperts and crack the GMAT.
All the best!!
Gmatxperts Team

Sunday, April 16, 2006

How to make it to the best B-school

Mohit Kumar Jain and M. Harindran, both IITians, have written Break the MBA Admissions Barrier, to help make it to `the world's best business schools'. The book, from Pearson Education , begins with the question `why MBA'.

Reasons are many, such as career change, better pay, preparation for own business, credibility, and so on. "Consider a top MBA programme to be a boot camp," instruct the authors. "It will keep you on your toes... You will be forced to participate in discussions and be prepared for the occasional embarrassment. You will need to learn and appreciate the importance of interpersonal skills and dynamics through study groups where you would collaborate with people from all over the world."
The book has inputs on `choosing the school', `managing the timelines', `money matters', and `visas'. Mohit and Hari lay down `the 10 commandments of a B-school application'. Such as: `develop substance', by picking from incidents that demonstrate your leadership potential; and `build on your strengths and address your weaknesses'.

The authors advise: "Well-written essays can tilt the balance in your favour despite a low GMAT score, GPA or a career that has involved many switches." Remember, that to make an impact on the admissions committee, essays need to be humane and realistic too. "Qualities like creativity, maturity, and leadership can be brought out in the essays in your own language."

For more on this checK: Break the MBA Admissions Barrier

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Monday, April 10, 2006

GETEX Dubai 2006 will host three days of seminars and workshops

April 12 to 14

Ninety presentations highlighting various aspects of education and training will be made at a host of free seminars and workshops that are scheduled on the sidelines of the 18th edition of the Middle East's leading education fair, the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX Dubai 2006), that will be held at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre from April 12 to 14.

GETEX Dubai 2006 will also host exhibitor-led seminars on academic themes, featuring over 40 presentations by representatives of leading international universities and institutions. These will spell out strategies for SAT and GMAT testing, besides dwelling on the study options available at the Dubai Knowledge Village and in countries such as India, Canada, Switzerland, United States, Hong Kong, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom.

For more on this check out: GETEX Dubai 2006

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